Sensor head with line focused beam for cylindrical targets.

The L01 is a sensor head for the PICOSCALE Interferometer. The target beam is focused along only one axis with a cylinder lens so that a line focus is generated. This way, the sensor head has a relatively large angular working range along the focused axis while having a large diameter along the orthogonal axis. Typically, these sensor heads are used to measure eccentric movements of rotating cylindrical objects and being insensitive to their wobble, i.e. tip/tilt of the axis of rotation.

  • STEP-File: L01 sensor head
    Oct 30, 2019


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Sensor Heads
Sensor Heads
Beam Geometry Line-focused
Focal Distance [mm] 30 or 50
Beam Waist Diameter [µm] 50 x 1590
Working Distance [mm] ± 10
Angular Working Range [°] ± 1.3 along focused axis
Environmental Compatibility Air, HV, UHV
Typical Targets Cylindrical Samples
Dimensions [mm] 9 x 26 (Ø x L)


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