The TRIPOD 400-6DoF has six degrees of freedom and is fully based on SMARSHIFT high-precision electromagnetic direct drives.

The TRIPOD 400-Core is based on three MLS-92122 stages enabling Z, Rx and Ry motions. Two MLL-400 and one MR-9222 positioner complete the system providing degrees of freedom in X, Y and Rz axes. The TRIPOD 400-6DoF impresses by its large XY plane travel range and dynamic performance. Furthermore, it allows for high loads (up to 6 kg) even at high velocities. The system is equipped with an adjustable weight force compensation and pneumatic brakes that allow for position stability even when powered off and emergency braking. To enable a wide range of applications, we offer customized options for the top plate (openings, hole patterns, etc.).

Values for rotational travel are given for a pivot point at the surface of the top plate.

The overall dimensions of the complete system may be larger for different poses. For more information, see the CAD model in the download area.

The repeatability is measured about 20mm above the top plate of each system, over the full travel range and for a single degree of freedom at a time. Values may be better for shorter travel ranges.


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Travel [mm] 200 (X); 200 (Y); 14 (Z)
Travel [°] 6.5 (Θx); 7 (Θy); inf. (Θz)
Max. Horizontal Force [N] Not allowed
Dimensions [mm] 400 x 400 x 175
Weight [g] 27500 (depends on the aperture option)
Aperture [mm] available

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