Synchrotron Equipment

Synchrotron facilities all over the world rely on SmarAct positioning and metrology equipment because of its reliability, robustness and accuracy. SmarActs positioning stages and metrology components can be found at various end stations at beamlines where they are used for complex and high precision sample positioning tasks as well as for tuning monochromator and mirror positions upstream in the beamline.
Because of its wide variety of options SmarAct components can be configured for the use in ultra-high vacuum as well as at cryogenic temperatures or in applications that require hard x-ray radiation or fully non-magnetic stages.
SmarAct is able to supply you with the perfect tools for the whole energy spectrum, from 6 axis goniometers for high energy XRD (SMARGON) down to non-magnetic sample stages for low energy experiments like ARPES or LEEM/PEEM.
When it comes to software integration SmarAct stages and controllers can be easily integrated into existing control environments like TANGO or EPICS or into endstation control software via a sophisticated advanced programming interface (API).

Featured Products


The MCS2 is SmarAct’s most versatile and modular control system.

PICOSCALE Interferometer Controller

The controller contains the laser, detection electronics and provides all data via several interfaces.

SMARPOD CLS-32 with Exchangeable Drive-Units

The SMARPOD CLS-32 is equipped with Exchangeable Drive Units and is perfectly suitable for all high availability applications


Based on three CLS-5252 stages with a travel range of 31 mm. Equipped with a constant force spring the system is able to handle payloads of up to 3.3 N and is fully compatible with the SmarAct Modular System.

XYZR-XYZ CLS32:32 R SRP32:11

Based on three CLS-3232 linear stages with 21 mm of travel and a SR-3211 rotation stages with continuous rotation and compatible to the SmarAct Modular System it is able to handle payloads of up to 3.3 N.