Positioning stages and metrology equipment with nanometer resolution have become the essential parts within the high precision industry.
Customer-specific designs of our products can be found in the production lines of well-known manufacturers. These customers have opted for our precision products because we are able to generate the optimal and most efficient solution for each positioning and / or measuring task.
The robustness and reliability of our products, as well as our highly qualified R & D team of hardware designers and software engineers are the reasons customers choose us as project partner.
Through the collaboration of our development teams, turnkey solutions are built on which you can rely. SmarAct develops all technologies for all aspects of the product in-house and in one location.
Whether our products are used in the actual manufacturing process or due to their precision and accuracy for quality control tasks, we are able to provide industrial and OEM customers with the perfect match to their application requirements.

Featured Products

CLS-3232 - Linear Stage with EDU

The smallest of the CLS-32 linear stages offer a footprint of only 32 x 32 mm² and a travel range of 21 mm and is able to handle payloads of up to 30 N.

CLS-3282 - Linear Stage with EDU

The longest stage of the CLS-32 Series offer a travel range of 51 mm while maintainig a footprint of only 32 x 82 mm² and is able to handle payloads of up to 30 N.

SMARPOD CLS-32 with Exchangeable Drive-Units

The SMARPOD CLS-32 is equipped with Exchangeable Drive Units and is perfectly suitable for all high availability applications